Dave Gerhardt
Learn How To Tell Legendary Stories Like Steve Jobs (In Just Six Minutes)
Dave Gerhardt

Learn How To Tell Legendary Stories Like Steve Jobs (In Just Six Minutes)

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When it comes to presentations, no one knew how to give a keynote quite like Steve Jobs. And in just six minutes, this Drift Insider video will teach you the actionable five-point framework that Jobs used to deliver his legendary presentations, from the iPod to the iPhone to the iPad. Plus, as a bonus, you’ll also learn his famous “Rule of Threes” to make your presentations more memorable and persuasive. Once you watch this quick lesson, you’ll find that this is the only framework you’ll ever need to improve landing pages, webinars, email copy, video scripts, and more.

About the Instructor

Hey 👋 I’m Dave Gerhardt

I’m VP of Marketing at Drift & co-author of the official book on Conversational Marketing, which was an instant best-seller on Amazon and a top 20 business book in the U.S. I’ve been in marketing for the last decade, but it wasn’t until my boss, Drift CEO David Cancel aka DC, pushed me to study copywriting that my career in marketing started to take off. DC fed me books, videos, courses, and (literally) thousands of hours of learning that we have now turned into training for new hires on the marketing team here at Drift. And for the very first time, I’m sharing a few of those lessons with you in this 30-minute Drift Insider video. This is the exact session we go through with all new hires on the marketing team and outline the principles of influence, persuasive copywriting, storytelling, social psychology and more.

dave gerhardt instructor of 15 conversational marketing tips

What You’ll Learn In This Drift Insider Video

How to level up your storytelling & improve your skills as a public speaker
The actionable five-point framework Steve Jobs used for nearly every keynote
The Rule of Threes: a secret to make every presentation more memorable

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