Dave Gerhardt
Copywriting 101: Get the Exact Formulas Used By the Drift Marketing Team
Dave Gerhardt

Copywriting 101: Get the Exact Formulas Used By the Drift Marketing Team

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Words have the power to persuade and influence. They have the power to make people laugh, cry, and spend money. Yet when it comes to B2B marketing today, words often come last. We spend hours writing a 3,000 word blog post only to slap on a title that no one will ever read. We leave copywriting up to an outsider or an intern, because, well — “it’s just words.” And we rush to add a subject line to an email that no one will ever read. But go back and study history and you’ll find that words are the one thing that have stood the test of time to move, motivate, and persuade people. Words are everything. And they are more important than ever in a world of endless choice (and noise) for your potential customers. In his exclusive Drift Insider Video, Drift VP of Marketing Dave Gerhardt aka “DG” takes you through the exact copywriting training all new marketing hires go through at Drift, boiling down 6,000+ hours of learning and 50+ books into a 30-minute video you can watch from anywhere. DG’s proven copywriting techniques are available publicly for the first time, but they’re only live for 48 hours and then we’re taking them down. Ready to go?

About the Instructor

Hey 👋 I’m Dave Gerhardt

I’m VP of Marketing at Drift & co-author of the official book on Conversational Marketing, which was an instant best-seller on Amazon and a top 20 business book in the U.S. I’ve been in marketing for the last decade, but it wasn’t until my boss, Drift CEO David Cancel aka DC, pushed me to study copywriting that my career in marketing started to take off. DC fed me books, videos, courses, and (literally) thousands of hours of learning that we have now turned into training for new hires on the marketing team here at Drift. And for the very first time, I’m sharing a few of those lessons with you in this 30-minute Drift Insider video. This is the exact session we go through with all new hires on the marketing team and outline the principles of influence, persuasive copywriting, storytelling, social psychology and more.

dave gerhardt instructor of 15 conversational marketing tips

Are You Ready To Learn DG’s Copywriting Secrets? Here's What You'll Get

A Playbook For Persuasion
Dave did his homework so you don’t have to. This is a blueprint for becoming a better marketer that will give you the foundational elements you need to stop people in their tracks and pay attention to what you have to say.
Proven techniques & Priceless Copywriting Recipes
This 30-minute video will help you write more powerful ads, sales emails, and website copy by focusing on social psychology and lessons from some of the greatest copywriters of all-time.
The Exact Training Used By Drift’s Marketing Team
Get access to the exact training session each new member of the Drift Marketing team goes through after they join the company. It’s like a personal training session just for you (and you’ll get it without having to ever come to our office).

Here’s A Sneak Peek At What We’ll Cover


Learn why brand matters more than ever today and how you can use the power of copywriting to take your business to a new level.

Forget What You Learned In School.

Forget everything they taught you in school about grammar. When it comes to copywriting, there’s only one thing that matters: being understood.

Write Like You Talk.

This one sounds simple, but it’s the lessons B2B marketers have the hardest time with. But no sweat. We’ll help you get over that hurdle.

Be Specific.

We’ll show you the power of being specific with visual words so you can create a mental movie in your reader’s mind and take them to the promised land.

Hooks & Headlines.

Everything starts with a hook and a headline and we’ll cover both so you can stop your potential customers in their tracks and get them to beat a path to your door.

First Sentence. Second Sentence.

What’s the goal of any line of copy? Is it it to sell? Persuade? Get to click? Nope. It’s simpler than that (we’ll show you).

Embrace Your Flaws.

Writing non-fiction is easier than fiction, and it it’s easier to tell the truth than it is to lie. We’ll show you how to use your flaws to your advantage.

Handle Objections Upfront.

Doubt is the ultimate sales killer. But we’ll show you how to take doubt out of the equation and address objections upfront in your marketing copy.

Unlock The Power of Storytelling.

Storytelling isn’t rocket science. It’s all about being you and being real. We’ll share a five-part storytelling framework you can use that will act like a magnet for your dream customers.

Holes, Not Shovels.

It’s so easy to get caught up on features, not benefits -- especially in B2B marketing. We’ll give you a little secret we use to make sure you’re always showing customers what they really get from your product or service.

The Six Principles of Influence.

There are six social psychology principles that every marketer should have printed out on their desk, and we’ll share them all with you thanks to Dr. Robert Cialdini.

… plus dozens of little-known copywriting & storytelling techniques that will help you transform your business in just 30 minutes.

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