Why You Don’t Need HTML For Your Marketing Emails


I don’t know about you, but every day I receive hundreds of emails. I just want to start by saying — this is not an “email is dead” post. In fact, email marketing is alive and well. As we saw in our State of Conversational Marketing, email isn’t just sticking around — it’s growing. It’s […]
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The Step-by-Step Guide to Solving Your Landing Page Problems

One of my favorite marketing quotes is from Peep Laja of CXL. He wrote, “Other people’s A/B tests are other people’s solutions to other people’s problems. Your website has specific problems, not generic problems.” This has always framed how I approach conversion rate optimization (CRO), especially landing page optimization. Other people’s landing pages are other […]
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Here’s How Drift Customers Booked Over A Half Million Meetings (And Three Plays You Can Swipe To Book More Meetings Before 2019 Is Over)


Try this. Go into your inbox and look at the most recent cold email you got from a salesperson. What’s the CTA? Probably something like: “Can we book 15 minutes to chat?” And regardless of how you feel about that approach, you get why they’re asking for a meeting. Because meetings are how we get […]
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