Dave Gerhardt
15 Conversational Marketing Examples You Can Steal Right Now
Drift Insider 15 Conversational Marketing Examples
Dave Gerhardt

15 Conversational Marketing Examples You Can Steal Right Now

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Unlock The Power Of Conversational Marketing with Drift VP of Marketing Dave Gerhardt

The signs are everywhere. B2B marketing is in undergoing a massive shift right now. In the old world, companies could make customers fill out forms and then wait for days to hear back, schedule a meeting, and then be chased down by sales. But in today’s world, the balance of power has shifted. We live in a world of infinite supply and choice for consumers, and as a result, customers (not companies) have all of the power today. In this world, whoever makes it easier to buy will win. That’s where conversational marketing comes in, and we’ll show you how it is transforming the way businesses buy from businesses.

About the Instructor

Hey 👋 I’m Dave Gerhardt

I’m VP of Marketing at Drift & co-author of the official book on Conversational Marketing, which was an instant best-seller on Amazon and a top 20 business book in the U.S. During my time at Drift, I’ve seen the power of conversational marketing first hand: it’s the reason why we’ve been able to grow Drift from 0 to over eight-figures in revenue in just two years. But the number one question I get about conversational marketing is “where should I start?” so I made this 45 minute video to help answer that question and much more. I am sharing 15 of the highest converting playbooks that we use every day at Drift with you for the first time so you can swipe them for your business right now. This is a talk I gave in front of 1500 marketers at the Traffic & Conversion Summit in San Diego, and the response was so crazy that we wanted to find a way to share these lessons with you to watch on-demand from the comfort of your own home or office. And here we are.

dave gerhardt instructor of 15 conversational marketing tips

What you'll learn

Build The Case For Conversational Marketing
Dave will help you make the business case for conversational marketing and show you why the time is NOW using real-world examples from Amazon, Uber/Lyft, Netflix, and data from Forrester, Harvard Business Review, and Boston Consulting Group.
Get 15 Real-World Examples
Dave will give you the real recipes we use every day at Drift that you can use to grow your email list, book more demos, convert traffic on your pricing page, and more.
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The 15 Examples You’ll Get From This Video

The Second Net.

You don’t need to replace your forms right away. But you do need a second net (and we’ll show you why). This is the easiest place for any business to start with conversational marketing.

The Tour Guide.

People today don’t want to be marketed to and they don’t want to be sold to. But there’s one thing they all do want: help. We’ll show you how every potential customer can get their own personal tour guide each time they walk into your store (aka visit your website).

The Pricing Page Concierge.

Your pricing page is the highest intent page on your website -- but it’s also the page with the most friction and cognitive load. We’ll show you how to turn your pricing page into 24/7 concierge that converts traffic even while you sleep.

The Demo Bot.

If someone wants a demo of your product or services, why make them jump through 10+ hoops and form fields just to talk to you? We’ll show you how to get all the data you need to qualify potential customers and remove friction so you can start boosting the number of demos your website gets you ASAP.

The Email List Supercharger.

Bots can be an incredible way to grow your email list or newsletter — you just have to know what to say. We’ll show you a few copywriting tricks to supercharge your list growth and give people a better reason to subscribe.

The Event Registration Bot.

Want to get more people at your events? We’ll show you how you can use bots to get more people to your events and webinars.

The Paid Traffic Converter.

Spending money on Facebook, Google, or any of the hundreds of other places online to get more traffic to your website? We’ll show you how conversational marketing can turn more of that paid traffic into qualified leads and opportunities so you can make your sales team and your CFO smile.

The Lead Magnet.

You know lead magnets, you love them, and you use them every day -- but you probably haven’t used lead magnets like this. We’ll show you how you can use conversational marketing to level up your lead magnets (and do it in a way that potential customers will actually love).

The Swag Bot.

Imagine a VIP customer came to your website, pressed one button, and got a t-shirt and some stickers mailed to their desk two days later? We’ll show you how conversational marketing can increase the delight factor on your website by about a billion.

The Competitive Concierge.

All day people are searching Google and they are comparing you vs. the competition. But what if when someone visited your website after searching for a competitor, they were greeted by a personal concierge to help them make the switch? Yes. It’s possible. And we’ll show you how to do it.

The “You Come Here Often” Bot.

You know that feeling when a waiter or coffee shop knows you personally? We’ll show you how to do that -- but on your website (and this goes beyond just changing your homepage copy).

The Fast Lane Bot.

If someone is a good fit for your business and they land on your website, why should they have to wait in line like everyone else? We’ll help you fix that by showing you how to give your best potential customers the fastlane.

The Dream Client Finder aka The ABM Bot.

Doing account-based marketing? We’ll show you how to book meetings with target accounts 24/7/365; even if your sales team is sleeping, hiking, or well -- watching this video.

The Conversation Starter.

If someone walked into your store, you’d say hello and start a conversation right? But for whatever reason, we never do that on our websites. We’ll show you how to ditch the “Hi There” and give you three actionable tips you can use to start more conversations in minutes on your site.

The Conversational Homepage.

Before we wrap up, we’ll leave with one last crazy idea: what if your entire website was a conversation? Too crazy? No no. We’ll show you.

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